A charitable foundation started to support and empower youths in Kenyan informal settlements. The foundation based in Nairobi conducts outreach activities, identifies and provides for the needs of young people in counties across the country. The provision of skills training, resources and guidance helps young people in achieving socioeconomic independence and freeing themselves from the shackles of poverty.

The charity was inspired by a need to address the current poverty and unemployment rates among the youth in slum areas across the country. Many families live in deplorable conditions, unable to afford the cost of living and education for the youths. Young people are forced to drop out of school and give up on their dreams. Because of the inability to afford basic needs, they turn to a life of crime, drug abuse, and prostitution among other vices in an effort to survive.
At Madini we strive to help young people overcome the social and economic barriers that prevent them from achieving their dreams and becoming self-reliant members of the society.


Hard Work

Pure Love

Smart Ideas

Good Decisions

I passionately empower youths to become who they should be. I train them to be the best they can be.

Youths need people to help them walk through the many challenges that life comes with, I endeavor to be that person.

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